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Forestry equipment first
In 1971, Bo Hilleberg, a professional forester, founded his own company, Hilleberg AB. That same year, while on a ski vacation in the Austrian Tyrol, Bo met Renate Neuner. After a couple of years, the two had fallen in love, married, and she had moved with him to Stockholm, Sweden. Their marriage was the final, necessary ingredient in the mix that has become Hilleberg the Tentmaker.

The Tentmaker
Before Renate, Bo’s fledgling company was primarily a forestry equipment concern, with tent making as a hoped-for sideline. An avid, lifelong outdoorsman, Bo was terminally frustrated with tents that required pitching the inner tent first and then covering it with a loose rain fly that usually displayed the same properties as a kite in the wind. He envisioned a tent that had an outer and inner tent that pitched together, simultaneously – but he didn’t have the necessary sewing skills. With Bo and Renate’s marriage, conjugal and commercial became one: Renate took charge of the sewing while Bo handled design and sales, a division of labor that has served the couple – and company – admirably ever since. For the company – and the family – each decade has brought an obvious and significant growth, always based on family and company being inextricably linked.
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Hilleberg Nallo

Hilleberg Top Article

Lightweight tunnel tent with great range of use

The Hilleberg Nallo has set the standard for tunnel tents. Hilleberg is also known for no-compromise designs. So the Nallo sets out to offer the optimum in terms of features for the weight with every detail adding to its perfect backpacking package. The Tunnel Tent design and ultra light weight makes it ideal for mobile adventures, where you pitch and strike your tent every day, and because of its exceptional weight to space ratio, it is perfect for long distance endeavors where light weight is a greater priority than absolute strength. Certainly, it is suitable for above- and below-treeline use in all
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