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Fjällräven Down Promise

What is the Fjällräven Down Promise?
With the Down Promise Fjällräven guarantees to only use downs for their down products that have been produced under ethically correct aspects and as a side product of the food industry. Additionally optimal living conditions are being provided for the animals. Force-feeding as well as live-plucking are forbidden.
At the same time, this promise agrees to only use downs of the highest quality. The quality is being controlled by the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL), an independent, world-wide established audit- and inspection laboratory.
The entire production process can be completely traced back – from freshly hatched chicken to the finished down product.

The production process
The downs of Fjällräven are being delivered by only one supplier in China, who cooperates with a small number of selected farms and one slaughterhouse. It is ensured that the animals are raised in a species-appropriate way. This includes a largely natural surrounding, as well as enough space for the geese to move about freely. The animals have direct access to water to swim in. To reduce the stress of transportation to the slaughterhouse and keep it to a bare minimum, the animals are being transported on specially constructed ramps in attendance of an animal welfare expert. Additionally the drivers are being trained to drive especially carefully and choose the shortest way possible. The slaughtering itself is being taken out as considerate as possible.
Environmentally friendly aspects are being taken into regard as well. The downs are being washed with a sustainably washing agent by the down supplier. The water used during the process will be purified and filtered before it is processed further.
The cleaning of the downs is being followed by a quality control by the IDFL. Down samples will be stored for future comparison with the finish product. Afterwards the downs will be filled into sealed bags and marked with the Name Fjällräven, the quality, quantity and composition. Due to this a mix up with other downs will be prevented. Additionally every single delivery can be traced back to its origin.

The farms are regularly controlled by inspectors of Fjällräven-Quality Control. Those visits are announced as well as unannounced and take place additionally to the monitoring of the living conditions by independent veterinarians.

Due to the close cooperation with only one supplier, the responsible treatment of the animals as well as the complete traceability, the Fjällräven Down Promise is the most transparent and best controlled down production chain in the outdoor industry.

Fjällräven Down Promise-Produkte

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