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Unterwegs Statement on Sustainability

Everyone can and should do something to protect the environment ? which certainly also is a thing, companies should be aware of. It is very important to us to keep an eye on our ecological balance and to continuously improve it.

What has Unterwegs already implemented in terms of sustainability?

In our operational planning and decisionmaking aswell as in the selection of our product range, we always have in mind ecological aspects and keep an eye open for what we can improve further. There is always something to do in this issue, because new opportunities and ideas for acting more sustainably regularly arise. Even though sustainability is an ongoing process, we have already successfully initiated and implemented a number of things. Here are a some examples:

Conserving resources

Boxi: Before they go into ?recycling retirement?, our shipping boxes take an extra turn and are reused.

More ecological alternatives

  1. Paper tape for packaging
  2. Paper bags instead of plastic bags in our stores (always have been)
  3. Printed products like invoices on recycled paper and with CO2 compensation

Saving energy and emissions

  1. Conversion to LED lamps at the headquarter and in most of our branches
  2. Photovoltaic system on our warehouse
  3. Green electricity in all branches
  4. Shipping with DHL GoGreen
  5. JobRad for our employees
  6. ADFC sponsoring membership (at all locations)
  7. Freight bike rental station (currently in Bonn, Göttingen, Jever and Wilhelmshaven)

Additional environmental protection measures

  1. Creating a fruit tree meadow
  2. Water refill station in all branches (Refill)
  3. EOCA Membership (European Outdoor Conservation Association, an association of outdoor companies for the joint support of nature conservation projects)
  4. Business trips are made by train whenever possible
  5. CO2 compensation for business trips via atmosfair

Sustainability as a criterion in purchasing

When selecting the assortment, our buyers pay attention to the sustainability of the products. For example, if there are two equivalent items to choose from, we opt for the more sustainable product. In terms of animal welfare, we only choose products with mulesing-free wool and ethically sourced down for our range.

Product eco-labelling

To help you make a more sustainable product choice, you will find a special filter function on our sustainability page. You can use it to select products according to the official or our company's own eco-label. This way, you as a customer have the opportunity to honour ecological manufacturing processes with your product choice.

Supporting our employees

For us, sustainability is not only about protecting the environment, but also about supporting our team. Therefore, we offer additional benefits to our permanent employees:

  1. Subsidies for JobRad
  2. Day care and kindergarten allowance
  3. Company pension scheme

What are the next implementations?

  1. We will continue to refine the product descriptions so that you get an even more precise idea of the products. This can reduce the number of returns and thus the transport emissions.
  2. Projects on our company premises: e.g. nesting aids and drinking water points for insects and birds, expansion of the fruit tree meadow
  3. Climate neutrality
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