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About Saola
Saola was founded in 2016 by Guillaume Linossier in Annecy, France, and has come to market with extremely environmentally friendly shoes. This is significant because Saola has two main goals as a brand:

1. to create shoes that use as many recycled and bio-based materials as possible and not just look cool.
Over 25 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year, making shoes a major contributor to the textile industry's status as the world's second largest polluter. Since 70 % of a pair of shoes' carbon footprint is due to the materials and production process, Saola focuses its efforts on using recycled and bio-based materials and optimizing the production process. One of the main components of Saola shoes is recycled plastic, but they also contain cork, algae and organic cotton. The aim is to look for better and better solutions and to find a way to recycle the recycled plastic used in the shoes.

2. to effectively support organisations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and the habitats in which they live.
Over the last 40 years, the planet has lost more than half of its wildlife and only a very small portion of philanthropic funds is dedicated to wildlife conservation. But there are many organisations working tirelessly to change this and everyone has an obligation to support them. One percent of Saola's turnover is donated to conservation projects, so hopefully the animals of our planet will not be a thing of the past for decades to come.
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Saola Cannon Women

Saola Top Article

Sustainable, lightweight ladies sneaker

With the Cannon Women by Saola, a casual sneaker in classic shape, you can be seen everywhere. 100 percent vegan, the materials used - recycled plastic bottles, natural cork, algae foam and organic cotton - leave nothing to be desired in terms of sustainability. The algae is the fastest growing plant on earth and the ecology of the waterways is kept in balance by harvesting. If you prefer to wear your own, the insoles can be easily removed. The versatile shoe is extremely light and is great to wear on almost any
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