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Great light
WakaWaka - Most people know this word through the song of the 2010 World Cup, it means "great light" in East African Swahili. This song, the World Cup and the word's meaning led to the naming of the Dutch solar specialist WakaWaka. The company's founder Camille van Gestel participated in a tender concerning the climate neutral design of the World Cup. After completing this project, he traveled through South Africa and recognized that too many people live without access to electricity and daily face the negative social and economic consequences. Camille decided to offer free access to electricity to all people around the world - with the help of the sun. The world's largest natural energy source is accessible to everyone, inexhaustible and sustainable. So WakaWaka was founded to make possible that everyone can utilize solar energy: the company produces solar-powered LED light sources which also can be used as mobile rechargeable batteries (power banks). Whether in the case of various outdoor activities, daily commuting or emergency situations, this solar technology provides a useful and sometimes even a crucial for survival back-up of electricity.

Solar energy for everyone!
The special thing about WakaWaka is that it is a certified Benefit Corporation company. Such a company uses the economic strength to help solving environmental and social problems. To quote WakaWaka: "Instead of focus on profit, we make sure that our solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly and do something good for the world." With this background, the company has founded the "Share the Sun" initiative helping people after natural catastrophes or in areas affected by distress. WakaWaka donates 1% of its company turnover to this foundation. In total, WakaWaka campaigns in more than 330 projects in 47 countries. By purchasing a device, each individual customer also contributes to this extensive social commitment.
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WakaWaka Waterproof Pouch

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Waterproof pouch for WakaWaka Power+, Smartphone et cetera

A 100 % waterproof pouch that fits the WakaWaka Power+ and protects it from mud, water, snow, dirt, or grease. A thoughtful design allows your unit to continue to charge in the sun and shine light. The Waterproof Pouch comes in handy at the beach, pool, emergencies, hiking or when encountering tough weather
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