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Tatonka Narvik

Heavy-duty, lightweight tunnel tent for 2 or 3 persons

Stable and resistant tunnel tent for two to three people. The inner tent is already suspended in the outer tent, but can be quickly detached if required. One feature that you will certainly appreciate in the rain, as the inner tent stays dry. An another plus point is the smaller rear rod, which makes the tent lighter and smaller to pack up - without having to accept any losses in sleeping comfort and area usage. Thanks to the many...

About Tatonka

Tatonka is in fact a family company in Bavaria, now meanwhile in the second generation. The founder of the enterprise, Winfried Schechinger, recognized very early that in Germany and Europe there was a growing market for outdoor products and in 1980 he had already set up the company Mountain Sport GmbH for the sale of sport articles. In 1993 the trademark Tatonka was created and the company changed its name to Tatonka GmbH.

In 2011 Tatonka was certified by the TÜV Rheinland as a fair, environment-conscious and responsible employer in conformity with the social standard SA8000 and in 2012 was verified by the non-profit organization Made-By as having achieved to 100% the specified social standard. Since 2011 interested outdoor fans can see for themselves under the conditions under which the high quality Tatonka products are produced.
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