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An innovative product for runners, not only diabetics or children
Another one of those ideas that became reality because someone desperately needed a better solution to a common problem. You are going for a run, but whereto with your keys? That was exactly the question that made company founder Kim Overton design the belt for Small Personal Items (SPI) in 2006. She needed a bag of sorts that would not move too much and therefore not inconvenience the runner, but offers enough space for all the personal items one brings along when leaving the house. By now there are a number of different SPIBelts available, some very specialized to be carried by diabetics or children.

An idea full of passion and heart
The SPIBelt is a smart daily helper. And as it was borne out of need it´s even more functional. Additionally, the company supports a number of projects, among them the Austin Marathon.

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Bounce-free running and fitness belt

SPIbelt is the Original Running Belt made to carry your personal items while running bounce-free. Free up your hands while running and no longer be distracted by your phone bouncing up and down in your pockets. The Original SPIbelt is perfect for holding your smart phone as well as keys, ID, headphones, cash, credit cards, or even a passport. Wear it while running, working out, jamming out at a music festival, or traveling the world! It’s lightweight,
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