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"Master of the blue flame"
Japan in 1978. Here, winter temperatures plummeted to -40 degrees and most burners at the time took up to three minutes to preheat. But not with Hajime Yamamoto: the founder put together a team of the best creative and technically innovative minds. The result was a burner that takes only seconds to preheat - the Shinfuji burner. In Japan, the team became known as the "Masters of the Blue Flame". But that was not all: after the burner celebrated ever greater success, especially in weed control, Yamamoto and his team of engineers, almost ten years later, wanted to make "the blue flame" accessible to the home and outdoor sector as well. The result was the Pocket Torch, a small lighter with a flame that can withstand even strong winds.

SOTO Outdoors is born
The team recognised the potential of the small burner and founded the company SOTO Outdoors. SOTO means 'outdoors' in Japanese. In 2010, the brand was introduced to the global market and in the very first years, SOTO received several awards for their technical innovations. In addition to its advanced outdoor cookers, SOTO is now also successfully active in the areas of tableware and accessories.
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Soto Fusion Trek

Soto Top Article

Free-standing, gas stove with integrated pressure regulator (SOTO Micro Regulator System).

Very powerful and wind-resistant, gas stove with a flat flame pattern. The burner head has a large diameter and has more than 300 microflames which distributes the heat over a large surface-area on the bottom of the pot. Gale-force winds can hardly affect the flame. The concave and wind-repellent design of the burner head is taken from the proven and award-winning SOTO WindMaster. The burner nozzles are surrounded by a vertical metal rim that forms a protective trough. Equipped with SOTO’s Micro Regulator Technology, the Fusion Trek is able to consistently maintain high performance even when the
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