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Solar energy to protect our environment
Clean, affordable energy for all who need it – that is the mission. And with this Solight Design not only thinks of the 1.6 billion people not having access to electricity, but also to environmentally aware customers searching for a light with the least CO2 emission. The Solarpuff, a cube made of recyclable PET material, a lithium battery and LEDs, uses solar energy to offer light. The striking shape leans heavily on Japanese origami art. During the development of the solar lantern the designers intended to balance out innovation, design and usability. A modern design does not exclude the enormous potential this device has.

Change the world, one light at a time
There will be light for more than 6-8 hours. And there will be light all over the world. The company supports hospitals in third-world-countries as well as cooperation with micro-financed private businesses. The social responsibility is of the utmost importance to Solight Design and a reason the donate a percentage of every light sold to various projects in different regions of the world.

Solight Design SolarPuff

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Little floatable solar lantern with bright, warm light

The SolarPuff is a little lantern with a HUGE impact invented by Alice Min Soo Chun. It is a Patented solar flatpack + origami expandable lantern. Designed with high performance fabric material that is specifically engineered for durability, flexibility, water proof and structured for adaptability. This superior solar light is an absolute must for home, gardens, pools, boating enthusiasts, outdoor camping and hiking. It auto inflates without using a mouth or pump. It’s the lightest solar lantern on the market and the high tech fabric creates a delightful
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