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Standing comfortably
The idea for the Sitpack – to have a functional, fold-able seat – came to the founder of the Danish company during the summer of 2010, when he suffered from a sports injury and almost could not visit a festival because of it. What he needed was a seat that is no bulky camping chair, but one that will take away the pressure from the back – or in his case an injured ankle. And still this seat should somewhat be comfortable. The Sitpack started as a Kickstarter campaign and is now reality. Mission accomplished! The plastic construction is very light, the telescope mechanism makes packing up easy, and whether it´s a sport injury or just a need for more comfort, the Sitpack will make standing so much more bearable.

Colourful and Changeable
The Sitpack has changed since the first prototype was build and is being developed further. Now it is possible to remove the foot, which is available in a number of different colours. Smart accessories, like a carrying strap and a cushion, will make the Danish companion a stylish one.
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Sitpack Foot

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Foot for Sitpack 1.0

One foot is included with your Sitpack, but they come in a array of colors so you can mix and match to give your Sitpack its own look! It is made of hard, anti-slip, sustainable rubber and can be used on all
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