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Gary Tritton's search for an everywhere-and-at-any-time-climbing training device
For climbing finger strength is as important as the technical component and the stamina. Also Gary Tritton was aware of this. Most of the available devices were untransportable, cumbersome, too single-sided, plain ineffective - or even annoying to those around him. So the climbing enthusiast considered how to develop a device to exercise his finger strength everywhere and at any time. It should be handy, easy to use, it should offer a challenge to everybody and should be able to activate many muscles, including the antagonists. Thus the vision of PowerFingers was born. Thanks to this brilliant idea the small start-up which discovered a small market niche for it's own end chalked up success quickly.

5 discs for everybody: Perfect for climbers, golfers, baseball players, musicians, ...
Made of very stretchy rubber (free of latex) the five colored discs provide a perfect training of the relevant muscle groups. 5 different resistances, which can be combined on top, allow an individual, demanding training for all climbers, no matter what personal basic condition they have. At work, in the airplane, during a lecture at the university - meanwhile the high-quality training utensil is used by many climbing fans at various places. Also other athletes like golfers or baseball players and even musicians profit from the elastic discs and so they effectively can build up finger strength, wrist strength and forearm strength.

PowerFingers Handtrainer-Set PowerFingers

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Develop greater strength, speed and dexterity in both the fingers and the hand

Whether you are a, Rock Climber, Golfer, Bowler, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball or Basketball player – you can benefit from PowerFingers. Whether you are a Musician, a Gamer or suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel – you can benefit from PowerFingers. The one thing that all of the above have in common is that they all use the fingers and involve tendons and muscle groups right up and into the elbow. PowerFingers has been developed to allow anyone – young or old, professional or amateur – to receive some benefit from use..Advantages include Strength, Speed, Dexterity, and even Injury Prevention as part of a structured rehabilitation program. Whatever your requirement – PowerFingers can
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