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“Simply put on health!“
„Let yourself be pampered“, „Chill to be healthy“, „Simply enjoy“ - that sounds like a program in a wellness center. But, with these phrases, Palgero presents its unique shirt collection. Health to put on? Sounds funny but it works! The secret is: SeaCell™ fibers - cellulose-based brown algae. The algae originate from the unspoiled Icelandic fjords and store the valuable nutrients contained in the water in large amounts. Its constitutional properties include the protection against free radicals, the inhibition of inflammation and the promotion of cell regeneration. They are antiallergenic, soothe itching and skin diseases. Palgero shirts also feature functional properties which make them perfect for outdoor use. The Palgero brand was founded in 2016 by the textile corporation Mattis, which exists since 1880. This family-owned company is specialized in the production of high-quality clothing for nuns and monks, firefighters and policemen. With Palgero, Peter Mattis - company leader in the fourth generation - has developed an innovative product with unique characteristics and high quality. Approximately 75 % of the production is carried out in Germany, approximately 25 % in Slovakia.

“Everything that works against nature will not not endure the times“
This sentence of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin is part of Palgero's philosophy. Thus, the entire production chain takes place under an environmentally friendly point of view - beginning with the algae harvest: it is carried out with minimal impact on nature since only the upper, fast-growing part is collected every four years. Subsequently the algae are dried, shredded and directly incorporated into cellulose fibers in an energy-saving, resource-conserving process, which permanently preserves the algae properties. These SeaCell ™ fibers are carbon neutral and completely biodegradable, the shirts are completely recyclable. Furthermore the strict eco-textile standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is used as a basis for production. Not only sustainable, healthy and functional: Palgero shirts also look pretty chic - convince yourself!
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Palgero Ari LS Merino

Palgero Top Article

Comfortable shirt made of an awesome material mix

Treat yourself to the extremely comfortable SeaCell™ material from Palgero! The Ari LS Merino is the perfect combination of SeaCell™ and fine merino wool. The velvety soft material of the long-sleeved shirt doesn't scratch and hugs you like a second skin. The ideal shirt for everyday life or easy trekking
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