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President Rick Case started Nite Ize as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado in 1989. "I was on a fishing trip using the brand new mini flashlight my family gave me as a gift. I was fishing at night with it, holding it in my mouth. Sure enough, I opened my mouth, and the flashlight fell out. I was staring down into the water, watching my still lit flashlight on the bottom when an idea hit me. That idea became the first product I ever made, the Headband Mini Flashlight Holder."

Case, who embodies the very essence of entrepreneurial spirit, built his successful company through dedication, inspiration and hard work. He was running the company from his mountain cabin when he received his first order for 42,000 headbands. 22 years later Nite Ize continues to expand with a large manufacturing facility and corporate offices based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Case remarked recently, "You have to be passionate, have faith in what you are doing, and be persistent."
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Nite Ize CamJam XT

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Simple and versatile - aluminum rope tensioner with CamJam tensioning technology

Whether you want to stretch your tarp or secure your canoe on the roof rack. The CamJam XT rope tensioner by Nite Ize helps you to do this without knots. CamJam tensioning technology allows you to pull and secure paracord in widths from 2 to 5 millimeters, with a working limit of 127 kilograms. Simply pull the cord through the guide and tighten to the desired tension. The cord then locks into place by itself and can be released just as
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