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Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is an American corporation founded in 1969 by Larry Penberthy in Seattle, Washington. 1973 Penberthy developed the MSR Model 9 camp stove, a design which was relatively efficient in cold weather. He separated the stove burner from then small fuel tanks, and then pressurized auxiliary fuel bottles as the tank, and used a better wind screen. He also designed an ice axe that was supposed to dig into the ice better and stop a slide. Penberthy also introduced metal-shafted ice axes; metal axes have replaced earlier wooden-shaft designs. In August 2001 MSR was acquired by Cascade Designs.

MSR Hubba Tour

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Comfortable tour tent with large vestibule

This backpacking tent is specially designed for touring users. The Hubba Tour tent features a unified exoskeleton fram that sets up fast and helps keeo the tent body (attached to rainfly) dry during setup. A large hooped vestibule provides a dry, protected area for changing wet clothes, lounging, or storing
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