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Mountain Equipment Odyssey Jacket
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Mountain Equipment Odyssey Jacket

Protective, well ventilated waterproof shell that balances low weight and durability

Our 3-layer Drilite® fabric provides serious waterproof protection partnered with durability and low weight. With the Mountain Equipment's Alpine fit and Mountain Hood the Odyssey Jacket is a technical shell for adventurous walkers and trekkers needing far more than just a packable back up...

About Mountain Equipment
Equipment for inhospitable regions
Whether you're on expedition to the Himalaya or learning the ropes in North Wales, you can be safe in the knowledge that your Mountain Equipment gear is proven to perform. They design, test and build their gear with passion and commitment. They use it themselves, and they work closely with outdoor professionals to help them perfect their products.

Commitment to animal welfare
The Down Codex Project was launched in 2009, comprising a range of rules and commitments that we expected our down supply chain to adhere to and achieve. The aim, to have the most comprehensive and transparent auditing mechanism for our down supply chain of any outdoor manufacturer in the world. All of the down we use should be a by-product of food production and be obtained after birds have been humanely slaughtered. There should be no live plucking, or live harvesting of our down. No birds should be force fed during the fattening process before slaughter. The birds should be kept in good conditions and raised to high welfare standards appropriate for ducks and geese. They should be free to roam compounds and have barns to shelter in with good access to fresh water and natural food.
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