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Seeking your own way
It was the early 90s. The outdoor-fans Jorrit and Nicky crossed paths one day on the border of Ecuador and Peru, in the small town of Vilcabamba. From this chance encounter, they ended up traveling together for the next two years. Then, one day, the time came to reluctantly hang up the packs and return to the UK. Back in their regular lives with jobs, family, a house and a routine out in the suburbs there was always the longing for simplicity. Then one story changed their lives for good. The true story of Millican Dalton.
Millican Dalton is a local legend around the Lake District. A maverick from the 1900s who swapped his existence in London for an extraordinary life of adventure in the mountains of the Lake District - seeking solitude from the bustle of the city. He was a pioneer, an original maverick, a worldly eccentric – and a fiercely independent thinker, going his own way.

Lifelong companions for the conscious traveler and deep thinker
It was in his footsteps that Jorrit and Nicky found their own way to the Lake District, and in his name that they started making their bags based on the principle of simplicity. They respect his philosophy, his refusal to conform and his insistence on going his own way. 2008 they started making sustainable bags. Bags that help others leave the clutter of life behind and strike out on their own. In homage to Millican Dalton, who was known to make his own clothing and rucksacks, they decided to name their company after him.
Use Less, Be More. All Millican bags base on Millican Dalton's principle of simplicity. The bags are eco-friendly, robust and practical. With plain, stylish and timeless design. Made for everyday life and travelling out of the mainstream!

Millican Marsden The Camera Pack 32 L

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Lightweight, weatherproof camera friendly travel packs for global travel

Lightweight, weatherproof camera friendly travel packs for global travel - the Marsden The Camera Pack 32 L is great for fotographers, hikers, travellers and commuters. Millican creates a travel-friendly pack (32L) for chasing down the moment, whether it’s around town or out in nature. That means easy access to your gear including a secure camera insert chamber, laptop sleeve, multiple pockets, tripod holder and an internal divider for separating work and play. Marsden the Camera Pack is named after the photographer Jim Marsden, who is known for creating beautiful contemporary images from the shutter end of an analogue camera. Designed to help you travel further, this multi-functional camera bag is ideal for a weekend away or long day of shooting. It’s even made from weatherproof Bionic® Canvas that is 57% recycled and 30% stronger than regular
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