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Metolius' passion is rock climbing and the focus is designing and building the safest and best climbing gear for Big Wall, Trad, Sport, Bouldering, Mountaineering, Indoor Climbing Gyms and Training.
It's been over twenty-five years since Metolius cranked up the Metolius Climbing machine. Getting their start in Doug Phillips' tiny garage near the headwaters of the Metolius River (from where they take their name), none of them could have envisioned where climbing would be in 25 years or that they would even still be in the business of making climbing gear. In the 1980s, the choices one had for climbing equipment were fairly limited & much of the gear then was un-tested, uncomfortable, inadequate or unavailable. Many solved this problem by making their own equipment, the Metolius crew included.
Over time, they've come to figure out what their mission is and how they fit into the big picture. Their safer-by-design philosophy has evolved as a result of the incredible dangers associated with climbing: rock fall, bad pro, falling off, avalanches, untied knots...the list is long! It's not just some jive marketing statement, but one born and bred from a lifetime's worth of accumulated experience.
Metolius' mission is to make the strongest, safest, most bombproof gear in the world. At every opportunity, they try to exceed the established safety standards while providing the highest level of performance. They exhaustively test and re-test, in the lab and out in the real world...using themselves as the test guinea pigs! If they don't feel like the standards are up to par, they work with the sanctioning bodies (CE/UIAA) to help re-write the standards. They do this because they, too, put their lives on the line and they need to know that they can count on their gear 100%!

Metolius Wood Rock Rings

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Compact training device for climbing fans

Do you want to train hands and fingers, for example, even on vacation? No problem with this compact training device from Metolius! The small wooden piece can be easily hung up. It offers bars with training depths of 15, 20 and 38
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