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Freeze-dried meals adapted to the needs of mountaineers, yachtsmen, hikers & Co
Lyo Food is the cooperation partner of the Lyovit company, one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables, who already developed the first freeze-dried convenience foods in 1998 - the so-called „Lyofoods“. Due to the increasing demand for ready-to-serve meals the brand Lyo Food became independent in 2009 and set up as a GmbH (limited liability company) with a head office in Cologne, Germany.

High quality standard and high nutritional value
All ingredients of Lyo Foods are grown by strictly controlled farmers on company-owned plantations in Poland. After the harvest every dish is completely cooked before it is freeze-dried, which allows the food to maintain the original form and size of all ingredients. A freeze-dried meal has a very high calorie count and all of the food's natural vitamins and minerals are maintained, so that the body is able to obtain sufficient energy for physical best performances. The meals are checked twice by a company-owned laboratory for compliance with the high quality standard, once after cooking and also after the freeze-drying process. All ingredients are cut into bite-sized pieces, only natural and fresh ingredients are used, and no preservatives or artificial food-additives are used. The airtight packages are re-closeable and all meals have a shelf life lasting for years. Thanks to the help of modern technologies and a close cooperation with nutritionists Lyo Food offers optimally balanced meals of minimal weight and maximum nutritional value so that they are perfectly suited for the needs of mountaineers, yachtsmen, hikers and extreme athletes.

Lyo Food Penne Bolognese

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Noodles with sauce bolognese

Delicious sauce bolognese, made of tomatoes and ground meat, with pasta penne. Preparation: Tear off at the notch above the zip lock. Remove oxygen absorber from the pouch. Add hot, boiled water. Stir thoroughly. Close the zip lock and leave for 10 minutes. Tear off at the notch below the zip lock and stir
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