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Forge de Laguiole Knife, 2 Mitres Inox
129,95 €
Laguiole Top Article

Forge de Laguiole Knife, 2 Mitres Inox

The original Laguiole knife

This knifes are handmade in Laguiole, a town in the southern of france. The fly on the back and the cross, made by nails in the handle, are classical identifications of the original Laguiole pocket knifes. The embossing LOG on the blade, Laguiole Origine Garantie, means this knife is really manufactured in

About Laguiole
The Laguiole knife was born in 1829, inspired by the "Capuchado", a local fixed blade knife with beech wood handle and the Spanish Navaja switch blade. In 1840 an awl is added used by the regional farmers to pierce the paunch of diseased cows. In 1880 The Laguiole gets a corkscrew, essential tool for the Aubracians going up to Paris to be coal or beer retailers. In 1981 the Laguiole Knife Association is created in order to promote and develop a knife industry in the Village.

The blade of Laguiole knifes is forged out of 440 steel and thus it is very strong, very cutting and it never goes rusty. Some notches on the top of the blade prevent the index from slipping. The material of the handle is either wood or horn and ist always finely worked.
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starting from 129,95 € ★★★★★

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