Icebreaker Sphere SS Crewe

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Icebreaker Sphere SS Crewe

Comfy short-sleeved shirt to stay cool and dry all summer

Stay cool and dry all summer with the Sphere SS Crewe, Icebreaker's best hot weather tee ever. Combining merino with plant-based Tencel® and polyamide, they created Cool-Lite™, Icebreaker's lightest, most breathable fabric. Cooler and faster drying than pure merino, Cool-Lite™ still retains Icebreaker's signature odor resistance and soft feel. With casual set in sleeves and understated tonal logo to create Sphere, the summer shirt...

About Icebreaker

An American girlfriend introduced Jeremy Moon to Brian Brackenridge, a merino sheep farmer she’d stayed with while hitchhiking around New Zealand. Across the table, Brian threw Jeremy a prototype thermal tee-shirt made from 100% merino wool. Jeremy, then a 24-year-old marketing graduate, wondered if he could sell enough of the prototype fabric to visit his girlfriend in the US. But when he wore the tee-shirt in the outdoors, he became so enthusiastic about merino’s potential that he never saw his girlfriend again – she was jilted for a sheep.

Merino combines the best qualities of traditional wool, synthetics and cotton. It’s soft and non-itch, it’s warm in the cold and cool in the heat, it breathes to prevent clamminess, and it has a miraculous ability to warn off stinkiness – you can run a marathon and still smell as sweet as if you’ve spent the day on the sofa.
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