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About Engel Sports The family-owned company Engel GmbH has been making underwear and clothing for 85 years. By using untreated cotton in 1982 the company started to concentrate on natural textiles in an exemplary and consistent way. Today the collection covers underwear and clothing for babies and kids, underwear for adults, a small range of outerwear in pure merino wool or merino wool and silk for children and adults, fleece clothing in soft, cosy merino wool for babies, children and adults. Basically all used agents should be bio-degradable and must not pollute soil, air and water. All the materials used are nickel-free, and the buttons are made from natural, renewable raw materials. In order to guarantee their high quality level certain requirements have to met such as: light fastness, resistance to spittle, fastness to perspiration, washing and shrinking. Engel has these properties, along with the maximum residue limits for substances harmful to health and the environment, monitored at regular intervals by independent certified environmental laboratories and institutes.

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Lightweight tube made of merino wool and silk - "Made in Germany

A flexible tube for many occasions and for the whole year: As a warming scarf on cooler days, the tube performs just as well as a balaclava in summer under a motorcycle helmet, as a headband, sweatband or even as a cap - without making you sweat
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