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From one mom's kitchen table to the world - plastic-free lunchboxes!
Sandra Harris started EcoLunchbox because she was tired of using so much plastic and concerned about its potential health effects on her family. And she couldn’t stand to see so many plastic baggies, paper napkins, plastic forks, etc. thrown away at the kids’ schools. It seemed like every month or so there was a new warning about another kind of plastic to be avoided. It was (and still is) impossible to know what types of plastics, vinyls and other man-made synthetics were safe. And which ones were not safe?

So Sandra developed her EcoLunchbox out of tried-and-true natural material: steel. They’re machine washable and dishwasher safe. Another factor in the success is that families are realizing that packing a lunch can be healthy for people and the planet – and it can be very cost effective. Their lunch waste study showed that a typical family generates more than 4,000 pieces of trash unnecessarily and the packaging and pre-packaged foods end up costing them hundreds of dollars extra. After all, Sandra Harris' lunchware is healthy for people and the planet. What could taste better than that?

ECOlunchbox Lunchbox Solo Cube

ECOlunchbox Top Article

Sturdy, reusable sandwich box without the plastic

The ECOlunchbox Solo Cube is a basic reusable sandwich box–but without the plastic! This stainless steel lunch box is a sturdy, squish-proof, reusable food container perfect for sandwiches, pasta salads, and left-overs.
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