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It was in the distant 1997 that Mauro finally had the fortune to find Meschia and its beauty. A mesmerising forest in the mid east of Italy. Meschia is filled to the brim with beautiful, challenging sandstone rock with a lifetime of potential. There is a major difference in motivation between brands. Before E9 was founded there were older producers who understood the potential of the growing movement in terms of economic development. They behaved accordingly. Garments made by these companies that had nothing to do with creativity bored Mauro. He was fed up of promoting brands that produced everything – from technical garments to everyday clothes. He became ashamed of wearing leggings or some unconvincing mixture of fabrics. It was time to create something new for people like Mauro; people who lived and felt the energy of those special moments. He was studying gymnastics in Bologna and he was competing in some free climbing events when he began courageously to believe in my dreams. He decided to create something belonging to him.

E9 - differing completely from other producers
Mauro Calibani began working on E9 in 1998. Differing completely from other producers, E9 was born from the dreams of a boy lost inside himself and the forests of Meschia. The brand grew as he grew – filled with creative energy and inspiration from the round and smooth forms of the sandstone rocks that he caressed every day. E9 is art and creative style – made in the exact moment of bouldering’s rebirth – through the beauty of the Italian and European rock Mecca: Meschia. Mauro Calibani found his motivation. He abandoned university. And E9 officially entered the market in 2000. His awakening coincided with the interiorization of a British climbing style popularised through the famous film “Hard Grit”. The climber ascends the stone respecting it at the utmost; avoiding to pierce it with fixed bolts but protecting it by placing only removable tools. It’s a more dangerous game where the psychological factor gets the upper hand. In case of a fall the climber can seriously hurt himself, or die. The higher the number the more difficult and dangerous the way. The maximum level achieved then was E9 with a shy E10 proposal. From that moment Mauro Calibani became Mr. Enine (…wanna go climbing?).
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E9 Onda Flax

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Stylish women's climbing pants with elastic cords at the leg ends

Climbing pants made with organic cotton and linen. Elastic cords are attached to the leg end for width adjustment so that the pants do not obstruct the view of the feet when climbing. Eye-catching round pockets on the front and a round bottom pocket as well as pre-formed knees and loops for the boulder brush complete the overall impression of these classic climbing
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