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Bergans Bjerke 3in1 Lady Coat
449,95 €
Bergans Top Article

Bergans Bjerke 3in1 Lady Coat

3in1 womens coat - perfect for year-round use

Bjerke 3in1 Lady Coat is three jackets in one and is suitable for year-round use. The outer coat is made from 2-layer windproof, waterproof and breathable Bergans Element® fabric. The inner coat is made from technical wool and provides excellent insulation and natural temperature regulation. The pieces may be worn separately or connected by their zips into a single garment.

About Bergans
Over 100 years of success are already a good start!
Bergans have had a history as an innovative manufacturer since 1908, and it all started with Ole F. Bergan, who was a keen hunter and hiker. It is said that Ole F. Bergan invented the Bergans Frame during a hunting trip, when he reached his destination feeling stiff and sore all over from equipment and game rubbing against his back. His ingenious invention made Bergans a leading supplier of backpacks.

Bergans has more than 100 years of experience with trips and expeditions. Practical testing in extreme arctic regions has always been an important part of developing their products further. Their inclusive strategy and innovative focus makes survival, expeditions and outdoor activities not only more probable, but also more comfortable.

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