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How it all began
Joseph Hudson, a farm worker from Derbyshire who moved to the city of Birmingham, was trained as a toolmaker. He converted the wash house at the side of his end of terrace “ back to back” home in St Marks Street into a workshop where he made many things to help increase his family’s income. His early products were snuff boxes, cork screws and whistles. In 1883 Joseph Hudson invented a novel whistle for the police. Its jarring sound was clearly heard just over 1.6 km. Over the next 135 years Acme developed and patented over 40 different whistle designs.

Plans for the future
Today ACME supplies major clients such as FIFA, the NATO forces, or the International Mountain Rescue Council. But at ACME whistle development never stops, new whistles will be designed especially for sporting bodies, safety and security organisations.
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ACME whistle Tornado 2000

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ACME Whistle Tornado 2000 is one of the world's loudest whistles

ACME Whistle Tornado 2000 is one of the world's loudest whistles Its unique design (without 'pea') produces a high frequency tone, which penetrates even very loud background noise and a low frequency pitch which can be heard at great distances. Unsurpassed and, in the meantime, employed not only by S.O.L.A.S. rescue operations but by all forms of sporting functions eg. the Champions' League (F.I.F.A.). Naturally, waterproof and
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