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RESTUBE Restube Classic
74,95 €
RESTUBE Top Article

RESTUBE Restube Classic

For your safety in most kinds of water sports

Restube – ride hard, ride safe. Restube is your small personal backup for most kinds of water sports. Wear it comfortably on your waist or harness. If you get into a critical situation just pull the trigger: Restube inflates and keeps you

A simple idea that goes a long way
A couple of years ago Christopher Fuhrhop experienced a critical situation when kite surfing. Since then he wanted water sports to be safer. As students of mechanical engineering the idea evolved to create a safety product for in-water-activities. Restube was born. Marius Kunkis and Christopher wrote their diploma thesis about the new and innovative product and developed Restube further until it was market ready. Many famous water sport professionals – for example surf champion Sonni Hönscheid help the Restube team to develop the product further. The company is constantly growing and 2013 Restube has been officially recommended by the VDWS and was safety partner of one of the toughest Kite surfing races worldwide. Research and development are still going on.
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74,95 € ★★★★★

8,95 € ★★★★★

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