Meindl Sölden Lady

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Meindl Sölden Lady

A true Canadian high-boot, warm and dry with a removable inside shoe

The Sölden Lady is perfect for women to stomp through the snow on cold winter days. This warm winter boots for ladies made of cowhide defies thanks to the rubber overshoe rain and snow. The removable inside shoe can be worn separately as a...

About Meindl

There used to be a number of shoe manufacturing towns in Germany, supporting hundreds of factories. Today, however, Meindl is now one of the few footwear manufacturers actually producing boots in Germany. Meindl employs over 200 people at their factory in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria, making quality footwear. They continue a centuries-old tradition of making handmade footwear and have been a shoemaker for more than 300 years in Kirchanschöring.

The method of production has changed over the years and now people man the machines that carry out one of over 200 work stages that are required to make a high-quality trekking boot. Naturally, they also employ master shoemakers, who in the truest sense of the world »take a hand in things«. They also have the feel and experience required to work with their main material, leather and the product quality that they require. They have not lost the skills of hand making boots at the expense of the need for mass production. With product innovation, manufacturing flexibility and a good understanding of the market requirements they make quality footwear. This is how they wish to succeed in a globally competitive market.
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