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Jack Wolfskin Montreal Parka Women

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Jack Wolfskin Montreal Parka Women

Robust 3-in-1 parka with a herringbone shell and fleece inner jacket

This functional and robust winter jacket is characterised by the unusual combination of herringbone pattern and knitted structure. The pattern embellishes the waterproof, highly breathable weatherproof shell jacket. The jacket boasts a cotton-like feel yet is robust and features patch pockets, which accentuate the typical parka look. The knitted exterior of the inner jacket is a special feature under the fleece materials. The lambswool-like interior provides great heat retention. ...

About Jack Wolfskin

Feeling at home outdoors
Whether in the mountains, the wilderness, in faraway countries or in the countryside on your doorstep, Jack Wolfskin offers all the products you need to make you feel right at home in the great outdoors, whatever the weather. Whether in the rain, wind, snow or cold, their clothing, footwear and equipment, which adhere to application-orientated concepts, have proven their worth time and again. They are based on leading technology and combine all-round weather protection with a high level of comfort.

Jack Wolfskin develops products for people who love being outdoors, who have fun getting exercise, reaching their goals and discovering new things, who appreciate the countryside and treat people and nature with respect. Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 and since then has developed first-class, functional products on the basis of constant user feedback. With numerous patents and innovative, proprietary technologies, Jack Wolfskin products currently lead the way in function, comfort and user benefits, and are now used all over the world.
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