Deuter Exosphere -4°

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Deuter Exosphere -4°

3-season sleeping bag with lots of comfort and water repellent outer material

Thermo Stretch Comfort is the name of Deuter’s special construction, which allows the high-end synthetic sleeping bags to expand up to 25% in width. Thanks to its elastic chamber seams (over the entire sleeping bag length inside as well as outside) you can toss and turn without feeling restricted. People shift positions up to 60 times in one night. At the same time this flexible sleeping bag hugs your...

About Deuter

1898 the company was founded by Hans Deuter in Augsburg. At the turn of the century, the company supplied the Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags and post sacks. Hans Deuter continuously expands the range of products with backpacks, tents and tarpaulins. From the earliest days, Deuter's product development is strongly influenced by the experience and the feedback of alpinists and mountaineers. In 1964 the very first Deuter Aircomfort is born and patented. The mesh carry system redefines the rucksack market. In 1997 a close partnership begins with the German Association of ski and mountain guides, their advice on improvements is invaluable. Since 1997 Deuter has grown by 800 %. Their commitment is to further innovate and design sturdy, practical mountain equipment with the aid of alpinists and mountaineers
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134,95 €179,95 € ★★★★★

134,95 €179,95 € ★★★★★

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