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High-quality textiles made of virgin wool of endangered land sheep breeds
Marco Scheel and Lukas Nahrgang, both students at the Technical University of Berlin, always have been fascinated by the resistance of the Pomeranian coarsewool sheep to the harsh weather on the island of Rügen. The Pomeranian coarsewool sheep is a 3800 year old and endangered livestock breed. Marco Scheel and Lukas Nahrgang realized the great potential for this rugged breed that is well-adjusted to its environment. Because of this they can be reared with a minimum of medication and concentrated feed.

The wool of the Pomeranian coarsewool sheep was unused so far: Because of its silver-grey tinge the possibility to dye is restricted. But Marco Scheel and Lukas Nahrgang are firmly convinced: Exactly this silver-grey tinge gives the wool a special appearance. They came up with the idea of producing clothes in Germany - made of this virgin wool and without dyeing the natural material.

In September 2013 Marco Scheel and Lukas Nahrgang proudly presented their first sweater which convinces in its outstanding design, its high quality and great comfort. So the Start-Up "Nordwolle Rügen" was founded. Colorful accents are set by the colored linings, seams and stitching that give the woolen clothes a personal note. The wool already gets in touch with high temperature during the processing, so the end product - the fulled fabric - is dimensionally stable and maximally shrunk. Nevertheless the wool retains its protective properties: It keeps extremely warm, is water- and dirt-repellent and wind resistant.

Approved raw materials cleverly combined with modern manufacturing processes
With their products Nordwolle combines the wonderful and useful properties of wool with a modern design, great comfort and a regional, sustainable production. The entire value chain is located in Germany: They use wool which is regionally produced in Germany and all fabrics are 100 % "Made in Germany" - including washing, spinning, weaving and fulling the wool. The fabrics are lined with Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified cotton.
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