Girls Outdoor Clothes

Top Brands for Girls

  • Keen
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Teva
  • elkline
  • Lowa
  • Meindl
  • Fjällräven

Top Article for Girls

Jack Wolfskin Safari Zip Off Pants Kids

starting from 59,95 €

elkline Crew

32,95 €

VAUDE Paki 10

39,95 €

VAUDE Hidalgo 42+8

119,95 €

Jack Wolfskin Jungle Dress Girls

starting from 39,95 €

Jack Wolfskin Cricket 2 Skort Girls

starting from 39,95 €

Jack Wolfskin Coastal Wind Kids

starting from 69,95 €

Finkid Reppu

49,95 €

Sigg Kids Grip

6,95 €

Jack Wolfskin Kids Hampton Parka

starting from 119,95 €

Girls Outdoor Clothing

Great selection of outdoor garments for girls in the Unterwegs online store.

Outdoor clothing for girls of course needs to be fashionable. Above all however, the garments should be practical, functional and meet the requirements needed to protect kids from the elements, come rain or shine. Therefore it is imperative that our range of girls outdoor clothing stands up to all types of weather. For the long and hard winter our selection of jackets will ensure girls stay warm and dry, and for the summer the comfy and breathable softshell garments offer just the right blend of sporty functionality.

All kids love to play outdoors, for that reason it is important that girls have the right clothes to not just keep them warm and dry, but also content and happy. In our online shop you will find a huge range of garments which are not only protective and functional, but also modern and fashionable, ensuring the maximum performance and satisfaction for all kids.

Vaude and Elkline are just two examples of the quality brands represented in the Unterwegs online shop for girls. Great care and detail goes into selecting not only the best manufacturers but also the most suitable range of girls outdoor clothing and accessories. With one eye firmly on the style and look of our garments, we ensure that our range caters for all requirements and tastes.

With over 25 years’ experience, Unterwegs is just the right place to kit out your girls for the outdoors!
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Unterwegs is a company group of specialist outdoor shops which was formed in Wilhelmshaven, Germany in 1987. Initially founded as a pure retail business, the emphasis on service, quality, fairness and a diverse and inclusive range of products soon led to rapid growth and expansion.