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Pipolaki Apalache

Fluffy and windproof Windstopper® winter cap for all purposes

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Colour: black, Size: One size

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This cap is adjustable to changing conditions. The fold-out ear protection of the Apalache can be hidden inside the cap and unfolded when necessary to protect your ears from icy winds. The Gore® Windstopper® material is windproof and highly breathable, the perfect material for all those active outside when it's cold.

Material / Details

  • Material: Gore® Windstopper®, 94 % polyester
  • Membrane: 6 % polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Breathable
  • Windproof
  • Fold-out ear protection
  • Moisture absorbing lining
  • Circumference: 56 - 61 cm

Gore® Windstopper®
Windstopper® fabrics are constructed by laminating our special membrane to a wide range of functional fabrics selected according to the final product’s intended use. This revolutionary structure is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. The microporous structure of the Windstopper® membrane ensures maximum breathability; cold wind is kept out, but moisture vapor can easily escape. Integrated into the ePTFE portion of the membrane is a hydrophobic, or water-hating, substance to keep external moisture away from your skin. This thermoregulating effect keeps you comfortable longer, so you can be at your best. To construct a Windstopper® laminate, the ePTFE membrane is bonded to a wide range of high-performance fabrics. Depending on the application, a variety of outer fabrics and lining materials are used to create 2-, 3- and even 4-layer constructions.
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